The Sleeping Beauty Chronicles

Original IP. Preproduction & production.

“The Sleeping Beauty Chronicles” is an epic fantasy animated mini series inspired by Charles Perrault’s classic fairy tale, aimed for teenagers and adults.

The enthusiastic princess Rose accidentally unleashes a curse upon the kingdom: everyone, including herself, fall asleep, trapped in a world of slumber. It’s a replica of the real kingdom. In a span of ten days, she must find a way for everyone to wake up or else they’ll die. She embarks on a journey through the oneiric kingdom to discover the truth behind the origins of the curse. In doing so, Rose confronts her idolized father and re-connects with her inner sensibility, that she had been repressing her entire life to make him proud. This reimagining of the fairy tale will follow Rose as she discovers all the secrets that were kept from her before the fulfillment of the curse. Inspired by the original sources of the story, medieval art and a bit of Agatha Christie, the mini series has been conceived as a love letter to this inmortal legend, as well as a vindication of its main protagonist.

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