Client: MaliArts' in house project

One of the guiding principles of MaliArts is Community. We want to contribute and give back to the local, build upon the creative & partake in education of future generations. We are fortunate to be part of several communities; the global connected by all things online, the Mexico City creative industry where we have an office in La Roma, and the people of Malinalco, where we have strong ties and where we enjoy to work as much as possible. Key to our creative process across Animation & Design is prototyping. It’s the foundation of all projects, the lynch pin to everything we embark upon & the best place to explore for countless reasons. The workshop began with a desire to give back to Mali & to work with local children, hosting a workshop called Introduction to Animation. After sourcing light boxes, all to be ordered in from the U.S. we decided to design & build the light boxes ourselves. In this way everything was made locally and supported small business, we brought together Animation & Design into one project and we created the perfect testing ground for the light box prototypes which we are now sold on our e-store. Who better to push something to the limit than teenagers…! Two days of classes flew by to great success. The kids learnt about the principles of classic animation, how to draw frame by frame, how to use color & different mediums and all walked away with their own ‘running cycle’, created with their own character design. Post workshop we sent out the animated running cycles to the kids via our facebook page, ever important to jump on the power of social media, again especially when it comes to teenagers.

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