Client: MaliArts' in house project

Short animation based on Carl G. Jung's theory of "The Shadow" and the psychological concept of the "Mandorla". It tells the story of Marcos, a young man who, after being left by his girlfriend, discovers his very true self by confronting his darkest and deepest thoughts represented by an evil, yet familiar, mythological creature: his very own "Shadow".

Credits - Director: Pablo Calvillo. Music and Sound Design: Dominic Bisignano. Marcos: Natan Ezra. Animation: BK, Kyunghee Shon (Kelly), Pablo Calvillo, Ke Jiang (Jacky), Maryanne Hayden. Modeling: Pablo Calvillo. Rigging: Si-Hyung. Make up artist: Kate-Eloise Mallor. Devil's Voice: Paul Vester. Lighting: Moises Jimenez, Sebastian Brown, Jackie Y.

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